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      Scharnelle “Bootz” Hamlin is the sole owner of Bootz the Bartender, LLC. Scharnelle graduated from the Professional Bartending Academy in Richmond, Virginia on May 3, 2016, and she has hit the ground running ever since.  She is a Certified Mixologist specializing in signature cocktails for any occasion.  Whether it is a wedding reception, birthday party, or a private intimate function, Scharnelle will ensure that all your bartending needs are met.  She is exceptionally meticulous and energetic with a superior customer service record.  "For me bartending is much more than pouring a drink; it’s about creating an experience that your guest will never forget!"  With her ambition, goals, and determination,  Scharnelle “Bootz” Hamlin will be one of the most sought out bartenders for many events to come. 


County of Surry Business License Tax Year 2017

{January 1, 2017}  

Commonwealth of Virginia State Corporation Commission 

{Certificate of Organization of Bootz The Bartender LLC April 5, 2017}

Professional Bartending Academy Richmond, Virginia

 {Certificate of Completion In Bartending/Mixology May 3, 2016}      

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